Too Late to the Game


I just started playing Candy Crush. I know what you’re thinking? Really? No one plays that anymore or they’re stuck on level 385.

I find it relaxing and a little distracting which helps when you write. Sometimes you need to get away from what you’re doing. Playing the game is not like writing a story. Your brain has to think differently.

The game is simple. Match sets of three or more candies. I admit I’m not the best player. It took me awhile to “see” the best possible move or when I could make more than a set of three. When you match four you get a striped candy which can eliminate a row. Make a “L” or a “T” and you create a bomb. Five gives you a color bomb, ridding all of that color off the board. You get the idea.

It’s hard enough playing on your own, but when someone watches over your shoulder it makes it tougher. “You missed making a candy ball, Mom.” “You could’ve had a bomb instead of a stripe, Mom.” A bomb is better than a stripe? Oh. I learn as I go. But, I would appreciate if someone told me before I made the move.

There’s a lesson to be learned here. Maybe it’s best if you learn for yourself. If someone does something for you, your brain doesn’t register it as well. When the move was made for me, I barely had time to process what happened. When I did it on my own, it registered. I may make mistakes or not get through the levels quickly but I’m catching on.

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to be late to the game. Others are already familiar with it and can help you out. It’s still new to you, when it’s old to everyone else. And if you like it, what does it matter? So don’t hold back trying new things…even if they’re old or the rest of the population has moved on. You may learn something in the process.

And while we’re on the subject…can anyone send me a life?


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