29² (Twenty-Nine Squared) Book 2

Date: June 7th, 2016 Publisher: Allison Hayes Books


“That future has changed now, Allie,” Lucas said. “We can’t live that life anymore or live on the outside ever again.”

“Because we’re at war?”

“Because we’re at war.”

Nineteen year old Allie Sanders is a student at UCLA. She’s done everything she can to forget Lucas Montgomery and move on with her life. Her goal is to graduate early and live far from home, a place that holds painful memories.

Fate intervenes and her structured life topples. Lucas returns, or was he ever really gone? Her brother Doug still hunts them, and he’s become darker and more sinister than before.

Sometimes a girl has to resort to drastic measures to protect those she loves, and Allie feels forced to make a choice … one she hopes she won’t regret.

Science Fiction, Young Adult, Now on Kindle Unlimited

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