Hunger is Exciting


eat-3795_640 I don’t read my horoscope too often, but it caught my eye yesterday as I looked through the morning newspaper. This is what it said:

If you don’t have nearly enough of what you need, consider this to be a blessing. It’s better to be a little hungry than too full. Hunger is exciting. It causes action.

I thought it was a profound statement that can be applied to so many things in life. It made me think about my writing and other creative endeavors people embark on. There’s a drive inside, like a hunger, which causes a person to create. After you’re done, you want to share it with the world. That’s when the hard part begins. You need that hunger from deep inside to push through and take that next step. It causes action.

Sometimes things are handed to people. It comes too easy. Can they find that hunger or determination? Or is it a little more difficult? Many would love to have the next best seller, the song at the top of the charts or be an A-list celebrity. All the people that made it, how hard did they work to get there? Was it handed to them or did they have that hunger?

I prefer to think they had the drive and took action to get there. It’s not an easy road to travel. So much competition, so many obstacles to overcome.

No matter how you apply the hunger statement to your life, use it as motivation. Never stop driving yourself to want more, make things better. Sure, it’s easy to be jealous of those that seem to have it easy but ask yourself, which way would you want? The easy way…or the tougher road?

After reading my horoscope again, I think I know what I would choose.

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