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For thirty years, Nancy taught elementary school. She wrote short stories as a child, kept a diary and loved to write. After retiring, she never planned to write a book. But when an idea came to her, she had to write it down. Waiting for Dusk was born after a trip to the Grand Canyon.


Nancy finished writing Waiting for Dusk during a leap year. Another story swirled in her mind, yet it was hard to let go of the characters from her first book. As the story continued to form, she plotted out the new book. This one was harder to write, torn apart and rewritten many times. Unsure, she entered it in a contest for unpublished books. It came in fifth place. This was the catalyst to finish 29 and make it come to life.


Nancy lives in Mentor, Ohio outside of Cleveland—the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She’s married and has a son. She credits one of her students for getting her family interested in birds. He brought his cockatiel for ‘show and tell’ and she knew she had to have one. After Babe’s passing, the Pennicks adopted a lovebird that’s so engaging and lovable they deemed her the best pet ever.



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