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Today I invited my author friend, Val Clarizio to share her favorite comfort food. Thanks for joining us, Val!

Hello everyone! Below you’ll find my warm-me-up winter meal!

This week has been horrendously cold up here in northeast Wisconsin.  Our temperatures have ranged from 13 below zero to a balmy 9 above zero, and that’s without the wind chill factor which actually reached 35 below zero this week.  These are the days I nearly run from the car into the house so my nose doesn’t freeze.  There’s nothing better than entering the house to the wonderful aroma of a venison roast that’s been cooking in the crockpot all day long.  First it warms my nostrils and then it satisfies my tummy. BBQ venison roast is one of my favorite warm-me-up winter meals.  Below is my famous BBQ venison roast recipe:

1/2 C Ketchup

1/2 C Water

2 TBL Brown Sugar

Dash Vinegar

Dash Lemon Juice

Dash Worcestershire Sauce

1 LB Shredded venison

My husband’s favorite way to eat this is served over rice, I’m more of a mashed potato person so I rotate to be fair. 🙂

When not working and forging out in the cold to enjoy winter activities such as snowmobiling, I’ve been known to pen a few tales.  I write romantic suspense and contemporary romances.  You can find out more about me and my books here:




Twitter: VClarizio

Thank you, Nancy, for allowing me visit your wonderful blog.  Keep warm!

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