29° (Twenty-Nine Degrees) Book 3

Date: November 22nd, 2016 Publisher: Allison Hayes Books



No one controls Doug. He’s just lying in wait, ready to spring on us when we least expect it. Don’t ever let your guard down when it comes to him. Promise me. I told you once the Niners were too trusting, too sequestered for their own good. There’s evil out there, and its name is Doug.

After a wonderful celebration in Hawaii, Allie returns to the Niner community in Montana and learns her brother Doug plans to run for a seat in the U.S. Congress. As he is already head of the private security team, the STF, Allie is unsure of his motive, but is determined he must be stopped. She plans to go back to Virginia to sabotage the campaign, no matter the reason he’s running for office. This is just the beginning of another battle between brother and sister, but by the time this ends, it will affect more than just the Niners and Allie. It may change the world.

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