Finn The $ecret Billionaire $ociety Book 3

Date: August 15, 2019


If one fails, they all do, yet Finn struggles when asked to rise to the challenge in this captivating romantic suspense series. Could he lose them everything?
Six billionaires. One unforgettable birthday bash. Now their livelihoods are in the hands of a stranger. Each is tasked a mission. If one fails, they all fail. Billionaires, no more.

Golden boy Finn Larsson is the third of the Society chosen by the ominous, never-seen Smith for assignment. Sent to a sparsely populated area of California, he’s tasked to save the Wilde’s ranch and amusement park from ruin. Upon his arrival, his gut reaction is to quit. After learning more from the elderly couple who own the land and run the park, he suggests they get a lawyer and file for bankruptcy or sell the property. Enter Charlotte Wilde, their lawyer daughter, from L.A. One look, and Finn is smitten. Save the Wildes becomes his motto.

*This is a standalone read.*

Romantic Suspense – mild heat level           Kindle Unlimited

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