Gabe: The $ecret Billionaire $ociety Book 5

Date: February 18, 2020


Gabe Nichols just handed his fortune over to a stranger but may never get it back. Can it be saved by completing his mission?

Six billionaires. One unforgettable birthday bash. Now their livelihoods are in the hands of a stranger. Each is tasked a mission. If one fails, they all fail. Billionaires, no more.

Reserved Gabe Nichols is Smith’s fifth candidate. Gabe questions if he should even be in this exclusive group of billionaires. When he receives no mission, it confirms his doubts. Once home in Colorado, an unexpected visit from an old girlfriend catches him off guard. His friend Lily Jarvis, who went to school with both, secretly pines for Gabe. She suspects Blair has ulterior motives and hopes Gabe will eventually see Blair for who she is. Will Lily finally get her chance with her billionaire boss?
*This is a standalone read.*

Romantic Suspense – mild heat level   Always free on Kindle Unlimited

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